Saturday, March 7, 2009

Like Father, Like Little Guy

Since my Little Guy's passing on the 17th I've done a lot of mourning, remembering, and thinking about the impact that he had on my life. So I found it a bit amusing that a few days after my return to L.A., the local NBC affiliate did a segment on their nightly news about the book Dogology . It's a book that basically describes what a dog's personality says about their owner. I haven't purchased or read the book, but after having watched the video segment on the news, I conducted some research about the topic online.

Many believe that it’s your dog’s breed that speaks volumes about what kind of owner you are. My Little Guy’s breed is known for being very playful and energetic. They love companionship and play, have plenty of spirit, courage, and are known for their curiosity. They can get bored easily if not kept entertained which could lead to some destructive behavior. They are intelligent and quick to learn, but can also be very independent and strong willed. They are very good at problem solving, being trained, and doing tricks. looks like the milk bone didn’t fall too far from the tree.

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