Tuesday, August 18, 2009

3 Strikes You're Out!

You may recall that I used that line the first week we met when we were texting back and forth to each other. Well, congratulations Luke, you just struck out.

For the life of me I’ve wondered why you’ve turned into someone who as it turns out is the complete opposite of who you were those first five days, and more importantly someone who you communicated yourself not to be. Or maybe you were always that person and just pretended to be someone who you were not. Either way, I’m done. I’m done trying to make an effort to be your friend when you’ve been such an inconsiderate, discourteous, selfish, and dishonest ass to me. Your actions speak louder than your shallow texted words.

Strike 1: After a week of some very flirtatious dialogue and two dates you disappear and don’t even have the courtesy to be open, honest, and up front with me about what went on. (especially after I was completely open and honest with you) YOU LIED!

Strike 2: After running into you and engaging in a very pleasant conversation at Fiesta, I invite you to my game night with friends, you rsvp with a “thank u for the game night invite, I’d love to attend,” and then you don’t even show up. (and if you couldn’t make it, which you didn’t, you didn’t even have the courtesy to let me know beforehand) YOU LIED!

Strike 3: You convey to me twice that you wanted to get together. The first time, the open night that you communicated to me that you had suddenly was not open when I communicated back that it worked for me. Then on Sunday night I don’t hear anything when you arrived back in LA. This is once again after YOU communicated “sounds perfect,” and “looking forward to Sunday,” and “will do.” YOU LIED!

As you know Luke, I used to like the person who I thought you were, but now I find it all terribly ironic, and extremely funny. After all, it was you on your online profile, and then through spoken word to me in person, who described your very own tales of meeting cavemen. (forgive me for LMAO) I think someone needs to take a good look in the mirror and look around his place to see if he’s the one who actually lives in a cave.

Well best of luck to you Luke. I hope you find whatever it is you are looking for in life, and that your wish from 07/08/09 comes true.

The above I hope brings to a close my first "gay dramatic" piece of work since my arrival in Los Angeles. I emailed the above to Luke an hour ago and then defriended him from facebook. Sometimes I wish I didn't have to have the last word, but in this case I hope he takes something positive from this experience and grows the f up.

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borg_queen said...

"but in this case I hope he takes something positive from this experience and grows the f up"

Doubt it. There are people who never learn. We have a saying in my country, "The liar is the thief's brother."