Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sleeping Alone

As I lay awake
on this lonely night
The thoughts that race
in this never ending fight

Have I gone mad,
have I lost my mind
The sadness runs deep,
it is so unkind

The quest for love
is such an arduous task
It is easily apparent
why one may reach for the flask

The world could be cruel,
could be mean, could be unfair
What I can’t seem to comprehend
Is why there is such a chill in the air

The lies, the selfishness,
the lack of depth to so many
Why do I allow myself to go after
the inconsiderate, self-centered, and meaningless boys of plenty

As the frustration and angst
continues to snowball and grow
My failure to date belongs to me,
that I accept and that I know

And so I write
cause I can’t seem to sleep
Left to wonder
if, when, and whom I will meet

Will today be the day,
as the sun begins to rise
Or will the sun set on Sunset,
with me wondering the same thoughts as I try to close my eyes


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TNC said...

Adam, you really hit the nail on the head. I connect with the thoughts and emotions in your concise and eloquent poem! I am sorry that singlehood is getting you down. I think a lot of people share what you expressed, so don’t think that you are a lone soul. You aren’t alone or abandoned; you’re single. There is a distinction. That is one of my greatest epiphanies: single versus alone. Whatever guy comes your way is fortunate to have caught you in the sea of “boys of plenty”.