Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Crunch Time

I’ve wrote before, or at least I think I’ve wrote before about how I’ve had the opportunity to see many of the same guys working out on a weekly basis at the gym. With that being said, there’s this one hottie who I have seen many times that has piqued my interest. He’s got dark black hair, light skin, and a nice looking, athletic body. I presume he is either Italian, a Latino, or of some combination. :-) I’ve found him to be a bit mysterious, is he straight or is he gay? I can’t tell because beyond the stereotypical looking gays, I have no gaydar. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen hottie out at the clubs, and like when I first arrived in WeHo, this guy carries a bag with him on the gym floor. (rather than storing it in the locker room)

So I arrived at the gym today and I first noticed hottie downstairs on the treadmills. I was hopeful that for the first time our workouts, from a time perspective, would mirror each others. Not knowing whether hottie was completing his workout on the treadmills or just beginning his workout, I departed for the gym floor upstairs. Within a few minutes I was excited to see that hottie had just arrived upstairs.

I began to sense that hottie and I just might complete our workouts at the same time today, and we would finally have that opportunity to meet outside.

Outside? To be honest, I go to the gym to workout, to observe the “occasional” eye candy on the gym floor, and to get out of there. I don't go to the gym to meet people because I find it a bit of a cliche and a very awkward place to do that, and I certainly don't linger or cruise around in the locker room. Call me a prude, although I like to think of myself as a traditionalist, but the locker room, shower, and steam room scene is not for me. In writing that I’m being a bit presumptive, because to be quite honest, I don’t know if there even is that type of scene at my gym.

Anyways, throughout my workout I had the opportunity to keep an eye on hottie. He minded his own business, I minded mine, and we never stared or maintained eye contact with each other. When I finished my workout upstairs I didn’t see hottie as I quickly glanced around the space. I went downstairs for my 3 minute cool-down on the treadmill and did not see hottie downstairs either. So I retrieved my things from the locker room and left.

I made it off the outdoor mall’s premises and about twenty feet down the street when I thought to myself, I’ve got to take a chance. So I returned to the courtyard of the mall and climbed back up the stairs. As I turned for the gym, guess who was on his way towards me? (at that point I felt like a complete dork) He passed by as I began to wonder what my next move would be. He continued, stepped onto the down escalator, and began to return his earbuds to his bag. After a few seconds of thought I began to walk down the stairs, which were to the right of the down escalator. As hottie approached the midpoint of his journey down the escalator, I introduced myself and said hello.

My line went something like this, “Hey, I’ve seen you at the gym a number of times and I just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.” (I know, real difficult!)

We only spoke for a minute or so, and at best I now know his name. I am still clueless as to which way he swings. At the same time I wonder if he is as clueless about me. Although, I believe it to be a bit obvious at this point. What straight guy approaches another guy at the gym? Especially in the obvious way in which our encounter occurred. When he left the gym I wasn’t on his floor. I arrive back on his floor from below, he passes, I follow him back down, and then I said hello.

I smiled and laughed during my walk home. I found this experience to be quite amusing. I’m still laughing as I write this. Too funny!

Since I’ve made my move, I believe the ball, no pun intended, is now in Joseph’s court. At worst, he’s another guy I could say hello to when I work out. At best, something more could come, again no incorrectly spelled pun intended, of it.

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