Monday, July 21, 2008


So on Saturday I had a complimentary session, which felt more like a sales call, with a trainer at the new gym I joined. He put me through a few different unique movements which I certainly haven’t been used to. I also thought I cheated on one of the exercises and tweaked my lower back a bit, but he said my form was fine. Anyway, what was interesting was that he was wearing a Star of David around his neck. The thing was, he didn’t look like a member of the tribe at all. (and neither do I but that’s a post for another day) So after I tell him that I was not interested in signing up for training sessions, I ask him about his charm. As it turns out he is a fellow member and he even managed a gym in the same town I grew up in on the east coast. He lived in the next town over. I told him I was new to LA and we spoke for another few minutes about the tribe out here and where to meet other wanderers. The only thing I don’t know is whether he is gay. I don’t think he is nor do I think he thought I was based on some event info he provided me, but nonetheless it turned out to be an interesting connection.

The rest of the weekend I spent watching some more screenings at OUTFEST. On Saturday night I saw ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL: GAYS GONE WILD. Only 1 of the 4 main actors returned from the previous film. I thought it was very clever how they dealt with that in the beginning of the show. I’m not going to go into details about the movie and ruin it for any of my readers. For me, a film is either entertaining or not, and I thought this movie was entertaining. There were clever parts, fun parts, lol parts, and a whole bunch of other parts. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to have a fun, non-serious time for 2 hours. I also thought the new Griff was super cute. Oh, and I almost forgot to write that I sat with my friends right behind the actors from the movie. That was kind of a neat experience in watching how they interacted together. The film was shot in only 17 days and I don’t think all of the actors really knew one another. Beyond that, I don't fawn nor really care that someone is in film, as actors are just regular people too!

On Sunday afternoon I went to go see the film ANTARCTICA. This was the film that I was most excited about seeing when I read the directory 5 days ago. Thankfully, the film didn’t let me down and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! Antarctica is an Israeli film with HOT actors and a great story. The description from the OUTFEST website is:
The hip and beautiful boys and girls in this super sexy Israeli romantic comedy set in Tel Aviv are searching for something. For some it's just sex - and lots of it. Most nights bespectacled cutie Omer works at the local library and reads books about U.F.O.s before bed. Then Omer meets Ronen, a devastatingly handsome journalist. Might Ronen have the ability to melt Omer's frozen heart and give him what he didn't know he was looking for?
I guess the film, and specifically the character of Omer, in some way resonated with me. Plus I realized that I need to get my ass to Tel Aviv. There I can find more of this:
Yiftach Mizrahi

Guy Zo-Aretz and Tomer Ilan

Tomer Ilan (my fave)

On Sunday night I went to the Ford Amphitheatre for the OUTFEST Awards presentation and the film WERE THE WORLD MINE. Before the awards and show started, I was invited to join some new friends at their picnic before the presentation. So I am on my way and I experienced my first run in with LA traffic. The Ford is only about 4-5 miles from where I live but the cars, they are everywhere. Suffice it to say I missed an exit, had to get on the freeway to turn around, and I ultimately arrived about 45 minutes late. Can you say STRESSSSSS! So I go to park and they make you park stacked. Which means everyone must leave at the same time because all cars are boxed in. (that would never fly in Arizona) That in itself was quite the LA experience but you know what, it worked and I only had to wait about 15 minutes. I finally get to the picnic and the neat thing was that you can bring your food and drink (including alcohol) with you into the venue. Being a strong proponent of tailgating at college football games, I thought this was really cool. (now if only my university would allow me to take in booze as I watch some football) Ah the film. I enjoyed Were the World Mine.

I thought it was an entertaining film with a nice story line. I also thought the actors did a great job in their roles. Not to mention they were all cute. (but young)

So there you have it, two weeks in the books. I’m glad I found out about OUTFEST because I really believe it was a positive experience for me to attend these screenings. Not only for the films, which were all entertaining, but for the experience of viewing, supporting, participating, and communicating with others at a GLBT event.

I hope you all had a great weekend, and have an opportunity in the not to distant future to check out these films.

And as I finish this post, once again my G-d playing deejay with the following on the radio: (I'm trying guys)
Supertramp:"Give A Little Bit"

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dan said...

sweet post, how cool you're out there and getting to see some film festivals. awesome deal.
the only thing that sent that clip over the edge for me was maybe the face paint. ha!